Container bag sling machine use precautions

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Container bag sling machine use precautions

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Key word:Container bag sling machine use precautions
In general, in the case of normal use of the bag slinger, there is no problem. So, what problems should we pay attention to when using the container bag slinger?


1. Filling each lubrication point with oil for 2 times per shift

2. Pay attention to the oil return of the exposed oil pipe in the work. It is strictly forbidden to operate when there is no normal oil return.

3. Keep all the conductive rollers clean to prevent the machine from being stopped when the weft is broken or the side line is broken due to dust. Do a good job in inspections.

4. Change the oil after the new machine is running for 1 month, and replace it every three months. Each butter grease nozzle is filled with butter once a week. Each transmission gear drops the gear oil irregularly according to the situation.
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