Use and maintenance of the container bag slinger

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Use and maintenance of the container bag slinger

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Key word:Use and maintenance of the container bag slinger
With the development of modern information technology and the advancement of technology, we must measure and evaluate the use and maintenance of a sling machine from a high and modern aspect. So, have you done the following points?

1. For the container bag slinger in normal use, it is necessary to install various monitoring and monitoring in the workshop. It is practical for the operator operator or for the actual control of the equipment. You can control the good processing time in the first time.

2. In the process of maintenance, we must establish a timely maintenance plan and time period, and establish a corresponding maintenance planning team to achieve formalization.

3. The new container bag slinger will change the oil after running in January, and will be replaced every three months. Each butter grease nozzle is filled with butter once a week. Each transmission gear drops the gear oil irregularly according to the situation.

4. Keep the conductive rollers clean to prevent the machine from being stopped when the weft is broken or the side line is broken due to dust. Do a good job in the inspection work in the class.
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