Design of wire drawing machine frequency converter

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Design of wire drawing machine frequency converter

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Key word:Design of wire drawing machine frequency converter
With the continuous development of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, frequency converter has been widely used in the wire drawing machine industry, bearing the steps of wire drawing speed control, tension winding, multi-level synchronous control, the application of frequency converter, greatly improving the wire drawing machine. The automation level and processing capability have effectively reduced the unit energy consumption and maintenance cost of the equipment, which has been widely recognized by the industry. So how is the wire drawing machine frequency converter designed?

1, the process

There are mainly three inverters, the main inverter is responsible for drawing, small frequency conversion is responsible for flattening, and there is a constant torque control inverter; then the touch screen is auxiliary monitoring, parameter setting management, PLC is the main control, the touch screen should display fault and drawing length And speed, the fault automatically stops, the display should display the current value of the sensor, the current value of the current, and so on.

2, PLC control analysis

PLC is mainly responsible for process operation, tension acquisition and torque control. The sling round wire drawing unit can realize the linkage of the jog and the whole machine; the linkage is mainly the follow-up of the small frequency converter and the constant torque control of the torque converter. Remember to keep the wire at any time, if there is a broken wire machine emergency stop.

3. HMI analysis

HMI is relatively simple, mainly the setting of process parameters; and displays the current value and alarm function.
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