The prospect of wire drawing machine in the experimental testing equipment industry

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The prospect of wire drawing machine in the experimental testing equipment industry

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Key word:The prospect of wire drawing machine in the experimental testing equipment industry
Throughout the overall situation, today's testing instrument profession in the 21st century is an important leading enterprise in product quality supervision, testing and experimentation. It plays an important role in the increasingly fierce social and economic guarantee environment of the competition! Following the rapid development of the demand for laboratory products in various industries and the continuous improvement of the production skills of China's production and production standards, the current production of experimental machines has spread throughout the country, and the variety of products is innumerable. In the era of rapid economic development, the scale of instrumentation has not only been limited to simple experiments, but more used in industrial and mining enterprises, metrology, campus sites and laboratories. Metallurgy, construction, aviation, aerospace, military, transportation, transportation, quality inspection, measurement, education, medical treatment, etc. to meet the needs of equipment and equipment in all walks of life.

Then what kind of products are produced by the experimental machine profession? Let's make a brief classification:

1):. Metal data testing machine;

2). Non-metal data experiment machine experiment box, (such as constant temperature and humidity chamber, high and low temperature impact test box, salt spray test box, fine oven, etc.);

3). Package and process performance testing machine (including package falling test machine, package impact test machine experiment box, conflict wear test machine, bending test machine, wire drawing machine, etc.);

4). Force and deformation test instruments (force sensors, force gauges, displacement sensors, extensometers, accelerometers, etc.);

5). Oscillation table (including impact table and bump test bench); such as imitation transport oscillation test bench and electromagnetic oscillation test bench.

6). Balance machine (including on-site balancer);

7). Non-destructive testing equipment (magnetic particle flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector, γ-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, acoustic emission detector, etc.); 8). Experimental machine function accessories and experiments associated with the experimental machine Instruments and equipment.
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